Personalize this book for your little Princess!

You design your very own Princess and take her on a magical adventure where she shows courage and strength in the face of adversity.

$29.99 plus shipping
36 page soft cover book on cover stock

 "I gave this book to my daughter for her birthday. The look of amazement on her face when she realized she was in the book was the best! She just loves this book and wants to read it every night!" 

~ Chrissy M 

You Personalize It!

How To Create Your Book

The Princess and the Bully is a personalized book. Each book is unique for your child.  Once you’ve personalized and ordered your book, we’ll print it and ship it to you! The book is 9” x 12” and printed on beautiful thick matte cover-stock. It’s a book your child will love!

It’s fun and simple! Personalize the book 6 ways.


Type your child’s name in, then select her hair color and skin tone. Now, select whether her advisor is a dog or a cat and give the pet a name. Finally, write who the book is from.


It’s that easy!

See The Wonder In Her Eyes

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