• A Magical Story with a Purpose


    The Princess and her trusty advisor set out to right a wrong. They hear that the class bully had a party and didn’t invite Rupert, the “different” kid in their class. The Princess decides to have a party at the castle and invite the class, including the bully and the different kid.


    A Beautifully Illustrated Adventure


    The castle is decorated, cakes and cookies are set out and the music is playing. The kids all show up, excited to be at the castle. The bully does it again, he’s mean to Rupert. The Princess immediately steps in and teaches him a lesson he won’t forget. She anoints Rupert the guest of honor. The kids all have a great time dancing, eating and realize that Rupert is just like them even though he’s different.

    The Story of a True Heroine


    There are many lessons enveloped in this beautiful story. The Princess stands up to the bully, she makes Rupert  feel accepted, she shows the kids that he’s fun and just like them, and most importantly, she shows the kids to be compassionate and to stand up for what’s right.

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