Each book is made to order. Because of this, we can't resell your book if you were to return it.  Once you've placed your order, you have 24 hours to contact us to stop the printing. At that time you can ask us to make a correction for you, change a shipping address or just cancel it completely. Once the order is in the print process, we cannot issue a refund or make a change. Please be very careful to proof your work.

Once you've placed your order, it's printed within 4 business days. For example, if you place the order on Thursday, it will be printed and off to shipping on the following Thursday because you don't count the day you placed the order, and you don't count Saturday or Sunday.  After your books have printed, you need to count your shipping days. If you selected economy shipping, add another 9 days (max) to receive your book. So all in, it will take about 14 days to get your fabulous custom created book!  If you select faster and more expensive shipping it will shave off up to 7 days and yeah! you could have your book in as little as 7 days.

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